Types of Tactical Gear

Located on the sleeves of a combat shirt, pen pockets are specific slots for storing writing utensils. They are usually closed with either a zipper or hook-and-loop Velcro.

The term “Combat Gear” https://pts-steelshop.com/collections/combat-gear refers to a wide variety of equipment designed to support soldiers and law enforcement personnel on missions. This includes clothing, weapons and backpacks.

Located on the sleeves of a combat shirt, pen pockets are specific slots for storing writing utensils. They are usually closed with either a zipper or hook-and-loop Velcro.

Tactical Clothing

Tactical clothing is designed for people in the military, law enforcement, emergency medical services, and other first-responders. It can be made to look like regular workwear or camouflage, but it typically has more pockets for carrying gear and is more durable. It can also be armed with fire resistant and bulletproof protection.

For instance, tactical pants may be designed to support a utility belt with several tools and have outside knife pockets. They also usually have thick belt loops and reinforcements. Similarly, tactical gloves are designed for repeated use in rough environments and include padded knuckles to protect your hands against blunt force trauma.

But the term “tactical” is used loosely on a huge range of consumer products, from backpacks to footwear. Using it to market products to civilians can be tricky, walking a fine line between signaling technical superiority or stoking an audience seeking to vicariously elevate themselves into the ranks of real service members.

Tactical Shoes

Tactical shoes are a special type of footwear used by soldiers, law enforcement officers, private security guards, and other public safety workers. They are designed to protect the feet from harsh environments and terrain while keeping the wearer agile and comfortable. They also offer protection against water, sand, and other hazards that could damage the feet.

A typical tactical shoe features a rubber sole, which offers superior durability to other types of boots. It can also feature lugs that dig into the ground to provide traction and stability. In addition, the midsole of the boot is made from polyurethane, which provides better firmness than EVA and is lighter too.

It is important for a tactical shoe to be lightweight so that it does not hold the wearer back while on duty. A lightweight shoe will also help to mitigate fatigue. For example, the Blackrock Mini Mil tactical boots are made to be ultra-lightweight so that they can support the wearer for long periods of time without becoming uncomfortable.

Tactical Gloves

Tactical gloves are designed to protect hands without sacrificing movement and dexterity. They must also be durable, comfortable and easy to wear. The best tactical gloves are made with breathable materials that absorb moisture and reduce sweating, which can cause hand irritation. Gloves should also be touchscreen friendly so users can operate their smartphones or tablets without having to remove them.

Many tactical gloves have additional padding on the palms for a secure grip, particularly when handling weapons. These gloves are ideal for military, police and security personnel because they can help prevent injuries from accidental cuts by sharp objects or equipment. They are also useful for hunters, outdoor sports enthusiasts and those who need to use their hands for manual labor. Some models are even cut-resistant, so they can prevent injuries from a knife attack. These gloves are also available for cold weather conditions, and they provide insulated warmth without losing their protective properties.

Tactical Plate Carrier

A plate carrier is the foundation of any body armor loadout. It protects against rifle threats and carries mission-critical equipment like guns, ammo and medical gear. It can also be up-featured with pouches, dangling gear and other MOLLE attachments. Plate carriers are used by military, law enforcement and security personnel. However, more and more civilians are using them as part of their Combat Gear to stay safe and secure in high-risk situations.

The type and setup of a plate carrier will differ significantly depending on the user’s environment. For example, a Navy SEAL’s needs will be different from an airsoft LARP player or a casual prepper who wants to prepare for end-of-the-world scenarios.

Plate carriers can be divided into three categories: low-profile, minimalist and tactical. Minimalist plates carriers focus on remaining light and unrestricting while delivering the necessary level of protection. Examples include the Ferro Concepts FCPC and First Spear Strandhogg. The tactical category is more focused on specific duties or situations. It includes pieces that are plug-and-play, like the 5.11 Tactical AMP.

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