Types of Table Lamps

Whether you want to refresh a tableau of side tables and decorative objects or add a brightening accent to a hallway, west elm has the right lamp for your home.

Table lamp https://www.philipslighting.com.hk/product-category/desklamps/ are versatile lighting fixtures that bring a touch of elegance and charm to spaces. Their different types and compact dimensions make them a furnishing accessory that’s constantly subject to new light trends.

Whether you want to refresh a tableau of side tables and decorative objects or add a brightening accent to a hallway, west elm has the right lamp for your home.


Crystal lamps add sparkle to any room and illuminate with elegance. They are a visual punctuation point in monochromatic decor, and they refract natural light throughout the day to highlight your favorite decorative objects.

These crystal or glass table lamps are crafted from finely cut parts of the material that create a sculptural look. They often sparkle at their edges, and they refract light to produce rainbow effects. Crystal lamp bases are typically affixed to a pure or white fabric shade to complete the classically elegant look.

Find crystal accent lamps for your nightstand, a stylish reading nook and more. They are also great for living rooms to set a comfortable and inviting ambiance for guests. The right base and shade combination can complement your existing decor and make the perfect focal point for your home.

Art Glass

After Thomas Edison invented the light bulb in 1880, makers of glass began to experiment with form and color to create wildly inventive table lamps. This design style was known as art nouveau.

Art glass table lamps often feature floral or nature-inspired patterns, and may be colored or shaped to mimic a variety of different natural materials like wood or shells. Makers also incorporated new techniques and designs – such as iridescence, floral or leaf-like textures, and elongated shapes with ruffled edges.

This graceful Luster art glass table lamp is hand blown by master glass artisan Carl Radke with a raised cherry blossom design in sapphire blue and olive green hues. Brushed nickel finish accents and a white drum shade complete the contemporary modern look.


A proper table lamp does more than just illuminate your nightstand or reading nook — it’s an important design component that can add style and visual depth to a space. Choose a ceramic table lamp with a neutral color and subtle geometric pattern to complement a minimalist bedroom or contemporary living room.

Ceramic and porcelain lamps share similar characteristics in terms of their appearance, with the main difference being that porcelain pieces are typically more refined and glossy than ceramics. This is due to the fact that porcelain is fired at a higher temperature than ceramic, which allows it to develop a much smoother surface and more varied hues.

Pair a handcrafted ceramic lamp with natural materials like rattan for a coastal chic style. Or, opt for a marble or wood table lamp to add dimension and texture to your modern home.


Add warmth and natural texture to your home with a wood table lamp. A wood table lamp can complement rustic or traditional style rooms very well, especially if the shade and body match each other with the same colors or textures.

A wood lamp can also be a statement piece, depending on the design and color. Some have a more minimal look, while others stand out in a room with their intricate details and unique shape. Some wooden lamps have a textured or hand-carved body, while others feature a modern, geometric style with contrasting cords. These types of lamps make great bedside table lights or decorative accents for living spaces. They can also work as a decorative way to highlight books or other reading materials in your home.


From raw casting to surface treatment, the process of making metal lamps demands a level of skill and craftsmanship that only dedicated artisans can perform. These lampmakers meticulously apply and reapply coatings of metal that prevent the elements from corroding or oxidizing, while creating beautiful colors and textures.

Whether used to illuminate your nightstand or reading nook, a well-crafted iron table lamp can add a unique flair to any space. The collection of iron lamps at 1stDibs includes sleek and modern fixtures that complement contemporary decor, as well as ornate and traditional styles.

A simple base houses a touch switch, socket outlet and two USB ports in this versatile contemporary metal lamp. The minimalist body and neck are complemented by the warmth of the gray linen shade.

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